Why Talons Out?  Because we believe when a soldier takes their oath, they don’t take it for  a two year or four year tour, or even a twenty year career.  It’s an innate part of who they are for the rest of their lives.   That if faced with a threat, no matter their age, a soldier is always at the ready to defend and protect.  The name Talons Out comes from a poem from one of our hub founders. You can see the poem below.

“Talons Out” 

In the early morning mist dawn breaks, and color paints the sky
The noble eagle takes to flight, a sentinel from on high

He dips, he glides, majestically … effortless and full of grace
With an ever watchful eye, he soars through time and space

When on the horizon, danger he sees, he covers land and distance
He flies to face his foe head on, no hesitation, no resistance

Straight into the melee, his mettle they will test
He’s focused now, upon the foe, he’ll give his very best

The moment’s at hand, he knows his course, He knows he must do, not try
He’s buried his own fear deep down inside, now hear his battle cry

He’ll fight the fight, for hearth and home, for family he’ll defend.
He’ll fight for freedom, love and life, until the very end

And when the challenge has been won, he’ll return home to his nest
For long has been the battle today, and now it’s time to rest.

No fanfare or parade through town, no crazy hoopla and show,
It’s a humble, average, everyday life, and about it he will go

For accolades and a hero’s welcome, these are not what he seeks
It’s coming home to family and friends, They are his solace and his peace

Life goes on without much change, though months and years pass by
Each morning he still makes his rounds, our sentinel in the sky

But should another threat arise, of this you’ll have no doubt.
This mighty eagle will fly again, He’ll take them on…. Talons Out.

Penned by:
Bobbie Bradley